Boston Pizza
Founded in Edmonton and with it's headquarters now in Dallas, Texas, Boston pizza, that operates with the name Boston's the Gourmet Pizza, is a Canadian restaurant that owns diners in Canada, U.S and Mexico. In Canada alone it has about 280 diners and a single outlet in Mexico at Merida, Yucatan. They serve type of dishes and certain that would be found in their menu include pizza, salad, ribs, pasta e.t.c.

Pizza is usually a prevalent dish and it is an Italian cuisine. It's made of dough and generally with a topping that can include tomato catsup, cheese, garlic, poultry, steak, vegetables like vegetable, tomato, pepper, sweet feed so on. However, in Italy Sausage pizza is the most normal. Basically sausage is made of wholesome and edible components of a pet like blood, cock meats, scraps and fats. Pork, veal and steak meat is mostly employed.

Boston's Gourmet serves types of pizzas these as; Sicilian-style that have roasted topping, white one that utilizes

tomato sauce and daily products with spices like garlic and basil. Homemade pepperoni, this is covered with a layer of pepperoni and have a topping of marinate sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Also provided is calzone, this is either baked or fried and commonly half moon prepared. Mozzarella cheese can be used for it's topping. Others include; Chicago-style that have two sheets of crust and Greek with either olive oil, feta cheese or oregano employed for it's topping. Frozen and ready to bake, Hawaiian, French dough are moreover superior and exquisite kinds they give.

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